👋 I'm Lauren.

I'm a digital product designer and UX strategist with a passion for user research, and service design. I work throughout the product lifecycle: from gathering requirements to interaction design to working with development teams to ship quality software. I currently work as the Principal UX/UI Designer at Capital Rx.

Outside of the technology space, I am a founding member of Color Wheel, a fiber artist collective located in Metro-Detroit with a focus on environmental justice and plant-based dyeing. I have BFA in Fiber Arts from Wayne State University, specializing in natural-dying and hand weaving.
I like to sing to my cats, hang out in nature, play video games, and read sci-fi + fantasy novels. Get in touch: LinkedIn or 📧 hello@laurenmathieson.com

📄 Download my resume

What I do

User Interviews | Contextual Observation | Analogous Research | Journey Mapping | Service Blueprinting | Hypothesis Creation | HMW's  | Synthesis | User Testing | Surveys
Product Thinking | Workshop Facilitation | Wireframes | User-Flows Prototyping | Interaction Design | Visual Design | Design Ops | Design Systems
Figma | Sketch | InVision | Abstract | Webflow | Adobe Suite | Google Suite | Microsoft Suite | Jira/Trello

Working with me

“I think you're an incredibly strong problem-solver. You've been incredibly successful working through your client's problems and finding solutions, but everything in between has been a major strength for our team as we learn more about what our clients are looking for and how to address those needs.”
"You bring the team value in two ways:

1. Thoughtful practitioner - brings professionalism, standard, and expertise when collaborating and presenting work to team/client. Brings intention and quality to all work and doesn't give up on fighting for the user perspective when making product decisions.
2. Willingness and ambition to lead - leading an entire product team (including client) in design practice and process. It's inspiring and trickles down to everyone on the team. You made having a strategic partnership with the client possible.”
“You have a lot of strengths and have a wide range of focus areas. You are great with user testing, wireframing, mapping, comp creation, evaluating test results, being willing and able to communicate the hard things to the client, you ask the clients thoughtful questions to get them thinking.

You are willing to be in the field to get the research needed to come up with the right solutions for the biggest pain points. I see you as helping to grow other designers in the areas where they have less experience (research, testing), that could be extremely valuable in helping to change over company design processes and practices.”